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“What I love about working with Lauren is the extent to which she made me feel like she “gets it,” and the physical feeling of lightness and freedom I experience after our sessions. Lauren’s coaching accomplished what no therapist or mentor or friend has been able to, in skillfully helping me discern what I want to do without judgment and without an agenda, and helping me recognize and change behavioral patterns of doubt, fear, and over analyzing that were getting in my way. Since working together, I’m better able to set and meet realistic goals on a daily basis, and my life philosophy has improved—I recognize that my value to society does not rest on my occupation.”


“Working with Lauren was an eye-opening experience that challenged me to really think about what I wanted to do. I started working with her when I was making a major life transition, both professionally and personally. I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed and was looking for guidance. Through it all, Lauren was a great coach, adviser, and cheerleader. During our sessions, she was able to assess situations and provide tools, processes, and plans of action for growth and success…helping to bring my vision to life. She helped me move forward and think about things in a positive and impactful way, which has made me feel more empowered. I would highly recommend her as a life and career coach and would work with her again in the future.”


“Before coaching my confidence was really shaken. Lauren helped me stay focused on my career goals, and more importantly, see the value I bring to the work place, and that I don’t need validation from others to be successful. Since working with Lauren, I can’t believe how confident I am, and how much more willing I am to take risks and invest in myself. I’m more thoughtful, more accepting, and more motivated.”


“When I started coaching with Lauren, I was lacking clarity around my purpose and feeling stuck in my life and my business. Working with her helped me address my fears head on, look at difficult things I couldn’t look at alone, and become aware of blocks that have prevented me from moving forward in my life and business. I loved Lauren’s coaching because, unlike therapy, it allowed me to produce immediate actions and results. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for clarity on where they are in their life and where they want to go next. Lauren, you’re the best. Thanks for everything!”


“The thing I liked best about working with Lauren is her transparency, humor, honesty, and deep intuition. Lauren is a truly gifted and inspiring coach and healer. I always looked forward to our sessions and never left without insights that have continued to help my growth a year later. Lauren helped guide me on how to move forward with more self-awareness, and in a way that aligned with my values and was beneficial for my future. Since working together, I am more willing to take chances on things I think I may ‘fail’ doing at first. Hiring a coach can feel like a risk, but if you’re thinking of hiring Lauren, absolutely take the chance and work with her.”

– Kelsey


First sessions are complimentary in order to determine client-coach fit, and to allow you to experience coaching firsthand.