About Lauren

Dr. Lauren Borden, PhD., is the owner and Head Coach of Lauren Borden Coaching. Lauren supports her clients in leveraging their gifts to step into their unique leadership style, develop their individual voice, expand their impact, and lead with more heart, purpose, and passion.

In addition to her private practice, Lauren is a mindfulness and meditation teacher. With over ten years of research and meditation experience, she specializes in teaching meditation as a leadership, personal growth, and stress management tool, and supporting others in creating sustainable mindfulness practices that are fully integrated into their everyday lives. Additionally, she trains and teaches other coaches entering the industry through Accomplishment Coaching.

She has had the privilege of coaching and training professionals within Fortune 500 companies across technology, retail, medical, and finance industries to help them use organizational psychology to develop strategy and strengthen their workforce. Additionally, she has authored numerous publications and conference presentations exploring leadership development, mindfulness and meditation, feedback, and training, including articles and chapters in The Journal of Business Psychology, Teaching Psychology, The Oxford Handbook of Justice in the Workplace, and The Handbook of Industrial, Work, and Organizational Psychology.


First sessions are complimentary in order to determine client-coach fit, and to allow you to experience coaching firsthand.